Audio Files

These are the same files as the professional audiobook, but reduced in quality to make them easier to download. 

  • Chapter One: Introduction
  • Chapter Two:  Getting Started
  • Chapter Three: Step One
  • Chapter Four: Step Two
  • Chapter Five: What forms do these insanities take
  • Chapter Six: Step Three
  • Chapter seven:  Spiritual Paths
  • Chapter Eight: Moral defects - What are they
  • Chapter Nine: Step Four
  • Chapter Ten: Step Five
  • Chapter Eleven: Step Six
  • Chapter Twelve: Step Seven
  • Chapter Thirteen: Defect Dogs
  • Chapter Fourteen: Step Eight
  • Chapter Fifteen: Step Nine
  • Chapter Sixteen: Step Ten
  • Chapter Seventeen: Step Eleven
  • Chapter Eighteen:  Step Twelve
  • Chapter Nineteen: Pulling it together (part one)
  • Chapter Twenty: Sponsorship
  • Chapter Twenty one: Recipe for a balanced life
  • Chapter Twenty Two: Rarely have we seen a person fail
  • Chapter Twenty Three: Staying sober under all conditions
  • Chapter Twenty Four:  Confusion
  • Chapter Twenty Five:  Challenges
  • Chapter Twenty Six: Tricks to help
  • Chapter Twenty Seven: Toolkit for normal living
  • Chapter Twenty Eight: Situations

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